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fm band expanders
for car radios

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spot.gif (846 bytes) fm band expanders direct from the manufacturer
spot.gif (846 bytes) Perfect sound
spot.gif (846 bytes) Simple to fit these fm band expanders
spot.gif (846 bytes) 5 year replacement warranty on the band expanders
spot.gif (846 bytes) Years of performance
spot.gif (846 bytes) High quality materials in all our fm band expanders
spot.gif (846 bytes) Low price

In Japan, radios are made to receive in the 76Mhz to 90Mhz band. But in other countries you need as much as 108Mhz.

Our small electronic fm band expander EXPANDS the range of a Japanese fm car radio right up to 108 Mhz.

fm band expanders from our factory direct to you. Japanese imported car radio converters.

We manufacture our own fmband expanders! So you get:
spot.gif (846 bytes)our guarantee of quality
spot.gif (846 bytes)price savings—no middle man
spot.gif (846 bytes)immediate supply—we hold stock
spot.gif (846 bytes)fast dispatch
spot.gif (846 bytes)Japanese car radio conversion

Our units are configured to operate in all vehicles including late model vehicles with antenna boosters requiring a power feed

We can make to order, if you need specialized frequencies! Ask about this now.

Manufactured by us, to perform well. Click and see bigger picture.

spot.gif (846 bytes)Our Price for the fm band expander is extremely competitive.
(It varies with the quantity ordered. But the quality of our fm band expander conversion kits is unsurpassed; over 200,000 customers can't be wrong!)
spot.gif (846 bytes)Minimum order none
spot.gif (846 bytes)Delivery time immediately to 3 weeks (depending on the type you need)


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spotP.gif (835 bytes)More than 200,000 of our fm band expanders sold worldwide.
spotP.gif (835 bytes)We are the manufacturer of these band expanders.
spotP.gif (835 bytes)the fm band expanders come in unmarked, plain casings.

Call Peter Brixton
(++643) 366-6379

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spot.gif (846 bytes)There are no middle-men in this; we are the manufacturer of this fm band expander, conversion kit. And we pass the savings on to you.
spot.gif (846 bytes)Because we make these fm band expanders ourselves we personally guarantee the quality of the  workmanship and the components
of the conversion kits.
spot.gif (846 bytes)We use machine robots and surface-mount technology for these converters. And we carry stock. We can promptly supply large fm band expander orders.
spot.gif (846 bytes)The crystals we use in our fm band expanders are of the highest quality available. They hold their performance—even over years of use—and frequency stability will not deteriorate.
Voltage required 12 volts
Current Consumption DC.0.005 Amps
Loss of AM Signal None
Radio Telephone Filter Interference Filter built in
(compact and solid)
50mm x 12mm
Lead length 100mm
All Units Tested

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Payment for the fm band expanders accepted by
bank draft
telegraphic transfer
major credit cards

10Mhz Model receiving 86 - 100Mhz
12Mhz Model receiving 88 - 102Mhz
14Mhz Model receiving 90 - 104Mhz
16mhz Model receiving 92 - 106mhz
18Mhz Model receiving 94 - 108Mhz
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